Susan Bush

Assistant Professor

Trinity College

Former Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests

I'm interested in how plants respond to their changing environments!  I love to see plants growing in places that seem uninviting, because that means they're modulating gene expression and growth to adjust to their habitat.  Neat!  

Personal Interests

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Degree Field Institution Year(s) Advisor
Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics University of Wisconsin, Madison 2004 - 2011 Patrick Krysan
B.A. Biology Macalester College 2000 - 2004 Paul Overvoorde


Position Field Institution Year(s) Advisor
Visiting Assistant Professor Biology Macalester College 2014 - Present
Postdoctoral Researcher Plant Biology University of California, Davis 2011 - 2014 Julin Maloof


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  • Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2014). iTILLING: personalized mutation screening. Methods Mol Biol 1062: 175-91. PubMed Methods Mol Biol

  • Su SH, Bush SM, Zaman N, Stecker K, Sussman MR, et al. (2013). Deletion of a tandem gene family in Arabidopsis: increased MEKK2 abundance triggers autoimmunity when the MEKK1-MKK1/2-MPK4 signaling cascade is disrupted. Plant Cell 25(5): 1895-910. PubMed Plant Cell

  • Su SH, Clark KA, Gibbs NM, Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2011). Ice-Cap: a method for growing Arabidopsis and tomato plants in 96-well plates for high-throughput genotyping. J Vis Exp. PubMed J Vis Exp

  • Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2010). iTILLING: a personalized approach to the identification of induced mutations in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 154(1): 25-35. PubMed Plant Physiol

  • Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2007). Mutational evidence that the Arabidopsis MAP kinase MPK6 is involved in anther, inflorescence, and embryo development. J Exp Bot 58(8): 2181-91. PubMed J Exp Bot