Group Meeting Schedule Winter 2020

We will meet on Fridays at 10:30 - 12:00 PM in LS 1020.  Plan for 30 minutes per research presentation or 1 hour for journal club.  If you have an item that you would like to discuss but you are not on the schedule there should be time at the end of group meeting.

Please bring snacks the week after you present.


Date Presenter(s)
Jan 10 Veronica
Jan 17 JC: Kazu
Jan 24  Carine and Takashi
Jan 31 JC: Cassandra 
Feb 07 Cassandra and Chris
Feb 14 JC: John
Feb 21 Kehan and Hongtao
Feb 28 JC: Stacey
Mar 06 John and Kazu
Mar 13 JC: Chris
Mar 20 Carine and Veronica
Mar 27 Spring Break
Apr 03 JC: Carine
Apr 10 Cassandra and Chris
Apr 17 JC: Julin
  next JC: Veronica, then Kazu; GM: Kehan and Hongtao


Previous Group Meeting Schedules: Fall 2019