This wiki serves as a place to share lab knowledge and best practices

## Getting started in Davis
* [Get a UC Davis ID Card]( (Kazu) and use unlimited UCD cloud storage service (go to your my UCDavis page).
* [[Buying a bicycle]]
* [[Bank account]]
* [[Cell phone or sim card]]
* [[If you need a car]]
* [[Getting a social security number]]
* [[Good davis websites]] (John)
* [[How to find an apartment]] (John)

## Getting started in the Maloof Lab
* [[email lists that you should be on]] (Kazu)
* [[Safety Training]] (Kazu and Julin)
* [[Maloof lab computers and accounts]] (John)
* [[Plant Growth]] (Kazu to add scheduling)
* [[Plant Measurement]] 
* [[Common Lab and Mol Bio protocols]] (Kazu)
* [[Bioinformatics]] (Ruijuan) 
* [[Lab Notebooks]] (Julin)
* [[Lab Tasks]]
* [[Writing Papers]]
* [[Chemicals and Reagents]] (Kazu and Jiadong)
* [[Exit To Do List]] (Kazu/Julin)

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