# Maloof Lab Databases
[Arabidopsis seeds (internal only ask Kazu to access)](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TYf6AcCbsYUQVU4Nx-dy0-ZmJc2AHVkYrssT4QPsmrc/edit#gid=637084952)

[Tomato seeds (internal only ask Kazu to access)](https://docs.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu/spreadsheets/d/14wwx79O5uw2hurfFEjw1r8XclUuaZAdDPgJodO0XFeA/edit?usp=sharing)

[Glycerol stock of plasmids and strains (internal only ask Kazu to access)](https://docs.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu/spreadsheets/d/1gZo5isGAMYD6Kog8IYasVlfnPReGb5wOX7Pm1YgSJmU/edit?usp=sharing)

Maloof lab oligo (internal only ask Kazu to access)(Find "oligos" under "Maloof Lab Common" in Projects at benchling.com)

[Maloof lab order history (internal only ask Jiadong to access)](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1It3uvBEt8L5mNA6Ed1W8KPCCItzAyaQF5fiB9l-Ojoo/edit#gid=237921429)

[Maloof lab ordering form (internal only ask Jiadong to access)](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PZrW1vBr4rZL3m9RABKFJDDMKVRVGnqzaBzdMHmcv8s/edit)

# Tools
plasmid construction (Use benchling.com)

Maloof lab oligo search (Use benchling.com)

[Gene structure and oligo position visualization](https://github.com/MaloofLab/primer_position)  
[[Assembling Sanger DNA sequence data]]  

# Protocols
[SLiCE (Seamless L i gation Cloning Extract)](http://malooflab.phytonetworks.org/wiki/common_lab_and_mol_bio_protocols/slice/)  
[Homemade taq system](http://malooflab.phytonetworks.org/wiki/common_lab_and_mol_bio_protocols/homemade_taq_system/)  
[[Tomato Seed Collection]]

plant DNA extraction1 For 1.5 ml tube or 96 well plates (Gasser Lab protocol via Rod Kumimoto) [attachment:20]

[[plant DNA extraction2]] For 96 well plates(CTAB Method)  

[[plant DNA precipitation]] For 96 well plates (With glycogen)  


[[Ultra-competent E coli]] (Inoue Method)  
[[Cell transformation]] DH5α chemically-competent    
[[Agrobacterium transformation]] Agrobacterium (Freeze-Thaw method)  
[[Cleaning ball bearings]]  
[[Arabidopsis seed sterilization]]  
[[Miniprep using Promega reagents]] but not the columns   
[[Miniprep solutions recipes]]  
[[MS Plate Recipes]] for plant growth
[[ExoSAP PCR cleanup]]  for sequencing  
[[Seed Storage]]  
[Eleven Golden Rules of qRTPCR](http://www.plantcell.org/cgi/reprint/20/7/1736) Uvardi et al.
[[Trizol Extraction]]  
[[Tomato Seed Collection]]  TMV treatment and sterilization  

# Stocks
[[Electrophoresis Buffers]]  
[[Loading Dye and 1kb Ladder]]  
[[PCR Supplies]] Taq, Buffer, and MgCl2

# [[Undergrad Instructions]]

# Scripts, instructions and miscellaneous
[[Epson scanner]]  
[[LI1800 light meter]]  
Black Comet light meter  [attachment:23]

[[Sequence analysis with Benchling]]  
[[Analyzing luminiscence]] over time with ImageJ  
[[Hypocotyl measurement]]  with ImageJ  
[[Maloof and Harmer Primer Database Search]] (Only internal users)  
[[Patricias Motif search]] (Only internal users)  
[[Maloof Gene Expression Plot Tool]] in different tissues for M82 vs PEN (Only internal users)  
[[Maloof Gene Expression Plot Tool]] for M82, PEN, HAB & PIM (Only internal users)  
[[Printing Laser Tough Tag Settings]]  
[[Printing barcodes]]  
[[PDA measurement system]]  
[[Measuring time-lapse hypocotyl movies]] with ImageJ  
[[Earth champion instructions]]