Note: you MUST be trained by genome center staff before using the machine

You can sign up for training or book a time slot on the machine at PPMS

These notes are in case you need to refresh yourself on how to use the machine

  1. Always wear gloves when handling tubes, the adapter, or anything in the machine.
  2. The Tech Core will turn the machine on in the morning and off in the evening, do not turn on or off yourself. Do not quit the program at the end of your session.
  3. Check the water level. Do this by selecting the "test" program, placing the adapter in the tray, and then selecting the "start" position. Make sure that the water line is between the lines on the adapter.
  4. If you need to add water use the cylinder of milliQ water next to the machine. If you need to add a lot of water (This is rare) it will have to degas before the machine can be used. By the time it comes down to temperature it should be degassed.
  5. If you need to remove water (this is rare) you will need to reverse one of the hoses going to the machine. I would ask for help with this.
  6. To load your samples, select "load" position from the menu.
  7. When writing your program, be sure to pick the right plate.
  8. In the program, select "add step" to add a step. Change the temp to be 5-9. This ensures that the program won't start if the water is not down to temp.